Our Mission

MACHON SHMUEL: THE SAMI ROHR RESEARCH INSTITUTE is committed to the advancement of Torah literacy and scholarship of the worldwide Jewish community, in the memory of ר' שמואל בן יהושע אליהו ז"ל רוהר. Machon Shmuel’s research team will deliver upon request, customized access to a vast spectrum of Torah sources in a chosen area of interest.


Thanks to the advent of digital Torah software, thousands of hitherto unavailable scholarly works are now accessible, accompanied by powerful search features that can expand the reach of today’s student and educator alike.

While fully capitalizing on these new technologies, Machon Shmuel also seeks to engage expert scholars in particular fields to advise and support the research work.


Research requests are submitted online together with detailed criteria that provide the parameters of research conducted by our team.


The scope of a research response by Machon Shmuel largely depends on the nature of the question submitted. In-depth questions requiring detailed information may receive a research document summarizing all the information available on the subject, supported by the relevant texts in the footnotes. Inquiries that do not require creatively written articles will be satisfied by providing a list of citations and texts.


Rabbi Avrohom Bergstein, a veteran researcher for the Jewish Learning Institute, serves as the dean of Machon Shmuel, and is joined by a team of highly skilled scholars, including Rabbi Yehudah Altein, Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, Rabbi Moshe Chanunu, Rabbi Yakov Gershon, Rabbi Mendel Zirkind, Rabbi Eliezer Raksin, Rabbi Nesanel Loeb, Rabbi Mendel Mellul, Rabbi Menachem Rifkind, Rabbi Zushe Wilmowsky, Rabbi Menachem Aizenman, Rabbi Yehudah Dovber Zirkind and Rabbi Levi Kessler.

Rabbi Chaim Rapaport, Rabbi Gedalya Oberlander, Rabbi Chaim Schapiro, Rabbi Levi Yitschak Raskin, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, Rabbi Moshe Miller and Rabbi Yossi Yaffe serve on the Machon Shmuel Rabbinic advisory board.

Machon Shmuel enlists the advice of Rabbinic authorities and consults experts in specialized fields on issues that have great import to the broader Jewish community or practical relevance in the realms of Jewish thought, philosophy as well as the application of practical Torah law.